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Personal Trainer Food Review – Uh oh


First things first – I had my blood work today for the endometriosis surgery, so we are still on schedule to deal with that on Friday.  I am nervous, but also happy for the notable change it could make in my life.

Now, on to the food.  Oh no.  This one was bad.  BAD.  Like, I swallowed one bite whole, and then had to spit out the next bite, bad.

Steak fajita strips.  The steak was mushy – like mashed potato consistency.  I almost threw up.  It was salty and mushy, and what I imagine it would feel/taste like to eat boogers.  I’m still queasy from the experience.  I’m going to eat some pistachios to see if I can recover.

I had some variety of veggie at lunch, too.  Oh yes, the Mediterranean veggies.  But they were seasoned, and also mushy, and after the “steak” made me queasy, I could not stomach the salty, mushy veggies either.  I threw the whole plate of food away.  Another day I could like these veggies, so I’ll try them again to see.  I have 10 bags of this fajita steak though – how am I going to get through those???

So far the only thing I really like are the chicken sticks with various flavors.  And I have a whole lot of other things to eat, and not many of those.  The convenience of the veggies is nice, and overall they just taste like veggies.  So, that’s good.  If I could send everything back and reorder right now, I would have 28 days of chicken sticks and assorted veggies.  The rub there is that those chicken sticks have around 25-30 carbs per serving.  So, if I had 2 servings a day of those, I would be eating 50-60 carbs a day just in breading.  And that’s never going to help me lose weight.

I guess the deal is that I tried it and I don’t like it.  And if I do like it, it’s not actually that nutritionally sound.  SUCK.  I had high hopes for this.  AND I have approximately 23 days of food left to eat.