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I am officially scheduled for laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis.  My ultrasound came back mostly clear.  My doc called me and said there was no cancer and nothing to worry about with it.  But, when I got the results, it said this:

1. Unremarkable uterus.
2. 2.1 cm septated right ovarian cyst.
3. 3.6 cm cystic lesion in the posterior right adnexa, separate
from the ovary. This could reflect a peritoneal inclusion cyst
but there is blood flow within the septation. Further evaluation
with MRI with and without IV contrast should be considered.

All of that seems fine, except #3.  That seems off.  And, the “unremarkable uterus” made me laugh.  In my research on #3, I can’t figure it out, except that in many cases it could be consistent with endometriosis.  But, other things I read also made it sound like it could be cancer.  But my doc was very quick and certain that there was no concern.  I haven’t been able to talk to him since I saw the results, so I guess i need to just make a list of questions for before the surgery, or get an appointment with him early this week.

If we go in and find a bunch of endo that he clears out, I am really thinking hard about the frozen embryo my friend has offered.  I think I have hesitated because of money, but also because it seemed like throwing money away.  With no change in my condition, how could I get a different outcome?  But, if this surgery actually fixes something, that changes everything.    But, I am putting carts before horses, here.  First thing first – get the surgery and see what we learn.