Here’s a quick history of the fertility journey over the past many years (well, it’s the annotated version, but it’s not so quick…):

April 2010 – Clomid/IUI Cycle. Pregnant. Miscarried on Mother’s Day.

July 2010 – Failed Clomid IUI Cycle.  Giant cyst and cyst aspiration.  No meds for the aspiration.

August 2010 – Failed Clomid IUI Cycle.  Cysts and aspiration.  No meds for aspiration.

September 2010 – Failed Clomid/Femara/Estrogen IUI Cycle.  Cysts and aspiration – I demanded meds this time.

October 2010 – Failed Clomid/Femara/Estrogen IUI Cycle

December 2010 – First Injectible Cycle – Long Lupron Protocol. 150 IU/day Femara. Pregnant!

January 2011 – Heartbeat seen

February 2011 – Miscarried due to Turner’s Syndrome – D&C for miscarriage

May 2011 – Injectible Cycle with IUI. Long Lupron Protocol. 150 IU/day Gonal-F -Pregnant!

May/June 2011 – Miscarriage with D&C due to Trisomy 22

June-August 2011 – Extensive genetic testing to see if I have any issues predisposing genetic abnormalities in my eggs – All clear

July 2011 – Saline Contrast Ultrasound to check tubes and uterus – All Clear

August/September 2011 – First IVF cycle, planned for PGD. Long Lupron protocol. 175 IU/day Follistim, 75 units/day menopur. 7 eggs retrieved. 4 fertilized. All frozen for PGD after second retrieval.

October/November 2011 – 2nd IVF Cycle, planned for PGD. Long Lupron protocol. 250 IU/day Follistim, 150 units/day Menopur. 15 eggs retrieved.

November 2011 – 4 previously frozen eggs thawed and 15 just retrieved are grown to day 3. 15 survive to day 3.  Continue to grow to Day 5 for PGD. Only 5 grow to Day 5 blastocysts, and of those, only 2 are far enough along for PGD. PGD cancelled. 5 blastocysts frozen.

December 2011 – Start preparing for FET in January 2012. BCPs, overlap with 10 units of Lupron for 3 days. Vivelle dots (estrogen), 2 patches, change every other day. Lining check on January 5, tentative start of endometrin suppositories. Tentative transfer January 11.

January 2012 – 3 blasts thawed.  One did not survive, one looked good, and one looked poor.  Transfer 2 x 5Day hatching blasts.  Beta 9 DP 5DT = 12.5.  Repeat beta 12 DP 5Dt = 2.7.  Chemical Pregnancy.

February/March 2012 – Second FET.  Lining check, March 1.  FET tentatively scheduled March 7, but will have to change due to work obligations.  Unexpectedly, anonymously donated embryos have become available to us.  We will be able to use them if mine do not make the thaw.  UPDATED:  Transfer on March 9.  Transferred 3 embryos.  One with only 4 living cells, which almost doesn’t count – it couldn’t even be graded.  Transferred one really nice donated blast, and one “ok” of my frozen blasts.  Chemical pregnancy.

April 2012 – Back to IUI.   Baseline on 4/4.  Long Lupron.  250 IU Gonal-F.  15 follicles!  Yikes.  11 Follicles aspirated, leaving 4 for IUI.  11 aspirated were donated to the lab to practice vitrification.  If any survived, we could use them for FET later.  Around 5 thawed after vitrification, and those all arrested before reaching blast.  BFN – got period naturally at end of cycle.

June/July 2012 – FET – Mock natural cycle.  Gonal-F to develop lining.  Trigger to release eggs and begin progesterone.  Vivelle dots and endometrin for luteal phase.  July 3 – FET 2 donated embryos.  One with no zona pellucida, but some living cells.  No one was able to tell me why it lost it’s zona or what that means for me.  One Day 5 blast, not expanding.   Cycle failed – negative bloodwork.

August 2012 – Annnnnnd back to IUI again.  150 IU gonal-f  for 11 days.  4 follicles.  Trigger Novarel.  Endometrin and Vivelle dots for luteal phase support.  Negative.

September 2012 – Baseline – All clear.  Plan for IUI early October.  Got a second opinion, which included ultrasound.  Found ovarian cysts and potential polyp.  Looks like I am changing RE offices.

October/November 2012 – Injectible IUI Cycle at new RE office.  Cycle Failed.

December 2012 – April 2014 – Break.  I had to do something else with my life.  I was stagnating and drowning in infertility.  Not to mention going broke from all of the expenses.  Lost 45 pounds, worked out with a trainer.  Looked for a new job.  Got my head and heart together.  Healed.

April 2014 – Accepted frozen embryo from known donor.  Began process of transferring ownership and moving embryo to my clinic.  Returned to old clinic for this, which will result in an FET cycle.

May/June 2014 – Lots of paperwork and coordination between donors and myself to facilitate embryo ownership transfer.

July 2014 – Saline Contrast Ultrasound.  All clear.  Endometrial scratching to try to improve chances of a positive outcome.  All final paperwork for shipping the embryo completed and embryo shipped to my clinic.  (Embryo in transit as of writing on July 17).

August 2014 – Embryo thawed beautifully and was expanding properly.   Assisted hatching.  Transfer went smoothly.  Beta on August 22.


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