Better than Amazon Prime


I just got an email from the shipping company that The frizzle has been delivered to my clinic.  Now, I am sure that they have not opened the tank and checked everything out yet, but I cannot believe this thing has actually made it to California!  After so much stress, it is probably here.  First milestone.  Of course, it still has to thaw, and stick, and all of that.  But, one day at a time, right?

We used a company called Cryoport to ship it, and it cost a bloody fortune, but they were excellent.  It’s worth the money.  (No commercial here – but if you need to know about shipping an embryo, maybe this will be useful.   Because, it’s not like there’s a ton of information out there about who to call to ship a frozen embryo.)  So, Cryoport provides the cryotank/nitrogen, coordinates with both clinics on pick up and delivery dates, arranges all of the shipments/labels, makes calls to follow up if things haven’t happened when they are supposed to, and they work directly with the embryologists and their teams.  I was pissy about spending the money at first, but once I had all of the issues with this process and Cryoport was completely reliable and proactive, I was glad I went with them.  I got email updates for every leg of The Frizzle’s trip – every pick up and delivery.  I could track The Frizzle and know where it was and scheduled/actual delivery times.  And once the shipping clinic got it together and got everything done they needed to do – The Frizzle was delivered to my clinic overnight.

Now I await the call from my embryologist that it is correct, they only shipped the one we are supposed to have, and that we’ve gotten completely past this first hurdle.  I did my first lupron injection this morning, so here’s hoping everything is as it should be!


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