Final Review


I mentioned a few posts ago that I have lost 45 pounds so far this year, and several posts before that I was reviewing Personal Trainer Foods.  So, I thought it appropriate at this point to synthesize my experience with the food and my weight loss.  (Also, to distract myself from the glaring reality that travel and storage plans for The Frizzle have not yet been finalized.  It was supposed to ship from Boston today, but it didn’t.  No one at the Boston clinic has returned calls from either my clinic or the shipping company.  And The Frizzle is not on the way here and no one can seem to tell me anything about it.)

So, back to the subject at hand.  I placed one 30 Day worth of food order from Personal Trainer Foods, in April of this year.  If you open my freezer today, you will still find most of the food there.  I don’t have the heart to throw it away, and I don’t have the stomach to eat it.  I threw away anything red meat.  Everything I tried that was red meat was just completely inedible – brisket, fajita meat, etc.  Done – in the trash. And I threw away a lot of the vegetables.  I like my vegetables overcooked and soft – that’s how I cook them.  But these were grossly mushy when heated.  The green beans, though, are a notable exception.  The green beans are good.  And despite the Personal Trainer Food money back guarantee, you have to tell them within a very short number of days from receiving the food if you don’t like it in order to get a refund.  There’s no time to try one of everything if you have a good assortment of items within that window.

Here’s what Personal Trainer Foods did for me:  every time I set my mind to being on a strict eating plan, I forced myself to eat the Personal trainer Foods for the first two days.  They are so gross, that it helped motivate me to cook healthy and tasty food on my own.  And those two days help reduce my appetite and sugar cravings.  So, by going through that process every time I “fell off the wagon”, I developed a plan that works for me.  I can cook my own food – which is fresh and delicious, and even though I have to make time to do it, I TRULY APPRECIATE being able to eat healthy tasty food.  And every 2 weeks, I give myself one day off and eat whatever food it is that has been calling to me – pizza, Thai, ice cream – whatever I want.  And the next day, I go back to my own cooked, healthy, tasty meals.  And I don’t need to use the Personal Trainer Foods as a crutch anymore.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the freezer full of food I have that I just am not going to eat.  I actually think I keep it there as a little mental reminder to stick with the plan I have developed or I’ll have to eat that stuff again.  We all have the little things that motivate us, right?

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