Well, I’ve had my endometriosis surgery and they didn’t find a single speck of endometriosis or anything else.  And that sucked.  So, I’m kind of curious about all of these symptoms I have, because I was certain they were endo.  And it’s also disappointing because I just thought that after they fixed that, maybe I would have a better chance at getting pregnant using the donated embryo from my friends.  But, nothing changed.  Apparently nothing was ever wrong.  Except that I cannot get pregnant no matter what we try.

But I have my heart set of trying with this embryo.  My clinic is being froggy about just using one embryo given my history.  They are telling me that they really don’t want to try with only one embryo since my history doesn’t indicate that chances of success with only one would be that substantial.  But, they don’t have another embryo available for me, so all I have is one.

I’ve been researching “womb scratching” and “hsg wash” as things that increase implantation and success with embryo transfer.  I have to talk to the doc about those, but first I have to get him to get over just having one embryo.  It’s what I have to work with, and it’s an incredible act of kindness that brought it to me, so they need to work with it.  


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