Personal Trainer Food Review…. A Reprieve


Ok, today wasn’t as bad.  It was actually pretty good.  Today’s lunch was marinara chicken and squash.  The squash was slightly under-ripe, and therefore not as flavorful as squash should be.  And I LOVE squash, so it doesn’t take much to win me over with squash.  This one could have been better.  I didn’t finish it because of the under-ripeness and a very weird texture.  It squeaked against my teeth when I chewed it…odd.  But, it wasn’t horrible.  The marinara chicken was really tasty.  I think I only ordered one of those because it’s not the kind of thing I usually like.  So, there you go.  10 bags of nasty fajita meat, and one bag of tasty chicken.  Go figure.

One secret – cook the meat longer than they instruct.  On every microwave, I have found adding 30-45 extra seconds makes the chicken have a much better texture.  Less mushy/frozen TV dinner, more chickeny.

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