Personal Trainer Foods – Review #1


One of my self improvement projects has been getting healthier.  I was doing really well with working out and eating right, and then I backslid.  So, no more self degradation and punishment for the back sliding, just getting back on the horse.  One way to move ahead was by finding an affordable, quick, meal plan.  And I did.  I recently bought 28 days worth of lunch and dinners from  Once I am running low, I know I’ll want to decide if I should order more, and if so, what things?  So, I am going to review it all here so I can look back and see if it has been worthwhile.

I started my first meal at dinner tonight.  

Buffalo Chicken Sticks

Italian Green Beans w/ Garlic Butter Sauce

Review:  The chicken sticks were fantastic.  Really, really tasty.  Loved them and will definitely want to eat more of them.  The green beans were, well, green beans.  And I am a person who has a hard time with veggies, but these were good enough and I ate them with no problem.  They tasted like green beans.

I am still hungry, though.  I think I needed more protein in that meal.  I will have some pistachios as a snack and that should do the trick.  I didn’t buy their plan that included snacks, so I am on my own there, but pistachios are on the “approved” list so I am going to enjoy them guilt free tonight.

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