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Well, I’ve had my endometriosis surgery and they didn’t find a single speck of endometriosis or anything else.  And that sucked.  So, I’m kind of curious about all of these symptoms I have, because I was certain they were endo.  And it’s also disappointing because I just thought that after they fixed that, maybe I would have a better chance at getting pregnant using the donated embryo from my friends.  But, nothing changed.  Apparently nothing was ever wrong.  Except that I cannot get pregnant no matter what we try.

But I have my heart set of trying with this embryo.  My clinic is being froggy about just using one embryo given my history.  They are telling me that they really don’t want to try with only one embryo since my history doesn’t indicate that chances of success with only one would be that substantial.  But, they don’t have another embryo available for me, so all I have is one.

I’ve been researching “womb scratching” and “hsg wash” as things that increase implantation and success with embryo transfer.  I have to talk to the doc about those, but first I have to get him to get over just having one embryo.  It’s what I have to work with, and it’s an incredible act of kindness that brought it to me, so they need to work with it.  


Personal Trainer Food Review…. A Reprieve


Ok, today wasn’t as bad.  It was actually pretty good.  Today’s lunch was marinara chicken and squash.  The squash was slightly under-ripe, and therefore not as flavorful as squash should be.  And I LOVE squash, so it doesn’t take much to win me over with squash.  This one could have been better.  I didn’t finish it because of the under-ripeness and a very weird texture.  It squeaked against my teeth when I chewed it…odd.  But, it wasn’t horrible.  The marinara chicken was really tasty.  I think I only ordered one of those because it’s not the kind of thing I usually like.  So, there you go.  10 bags of nasty fajita meat, and one bag of tasty chicken.  Go figure.

One secret – cook the meat longer than they instruct.  On every microwave, I have found adding 30-45 extra seconds makes the chicken have a much better texture.  Less mushy/frozen TV dinner, more chickeny.

Personal Trainer Food Review – Uh oh


First things first – I had my blood work today for the endometriosis surgery, so we are still on schedule to deal with that on Friday.  I am nervous, but also happy for the notable change it could make in my life.

Now, on to the food.  Oh no.  This one was bad.  BAD.  Like, I swallowed one bite whole, and then had to spit out the next bite, bad.

Steak fajita strips.  The steak was mushy – like mashed potato consistency.  I almost threw up.  It was salty and mushy, and what I imagine it would feel/taste like to eat boogers.  I’m still queasy from the experience.  I’m going to eat some pistachios to see if I can recover.

I had some variety of veggie at lunch, too.  Oh yes, the Mediterranean veggies.  But they were seasoned, and also mushy, and after the “steak” made me queasy, I could not stomach the salty, mushy veggies either.  I threw the whole plate of food away.  Another day I could like these veggies, so I’ll try them again to see.  I have 10 bags of this fajita steak though – how am I going to get through those???

So far the only thing I really like are the chicken sticks with various flavors.  And I have a whole lot of other things to eat, and not many of those.  The convenience of the veggies is nice, and overall they just taste like veggies.  So, that’s good.  If I could send everything back and reorder right now, I would have 28 days of chicken sticks and assorted veggies.  The rub there is that those chicken sticks have around 25-30 carbs per serving.  So, if I had 2 servings a day of those, I would be eating 50-60 carbs a day just in breading.  And that’s never going to help me lose weight.

I guess the deal is that I tried it and I don’t like it.  And if I do like it, it’s not actually that nutritionally sound.  SUCK.  I had high hopes for this.  AND I have approximately 23 days of food left to eat.

Personal Trainer Food Review


I have a few meals to review, so let’s start with dinner tonight:  butter roasted chicken and broccoli.  The broccoli tasted like broccoli, no surprises.  The butter roasted chicken was ok.  Not good, not bad.  Just ok.  I can eat it again, but I won’t love it.


Lunch Today: Jalapeño chicken sticks and riviera blend veggies (carrots, green beans, wax beans).  The chicken sticks were SO good!  It’s like they have reserved all of the bold delicious flavor for the chicken sticks and missed them on the other chicken dishes.  The veggies were veggies.  Nothing unexpected there.


Dinner last night: Ginger grilled chicken and stir fry veggies.  I didn’t care for either of these on their own.  But, I minced the chicken and added a splash of soy sauce to the veggies and then mixed them together.  It was good that way- the ginger from the chicken gave the veggies flavor, and the soy sauce lightened the ginger just a smidge.  I’ll eat this again, but probably won’t order it next time.

Personal Trainer Food Review #2


Lunch – Rotisserie Chicken and Lima Beans

This meal was less impressive.  The lima beans were fine, and plentiful.  So. Many. Lima. Beans.  I did not leave this meal hungry.  The chicken wasn’t good.  I did not like the texture or flavor.  I’m surprised that they gave lima beans as a veggie choice since they are very carby.

Personal Trainer Foods – Review #1


One of my self improvement projects has been getting healthier.  I was doing really well with working out and eating right, and then I backslid.  So, no more self degradation and punishment for the back sliding, just getting back on the horse.  One way to move ahead was by finding an affordable, quick, meal plan.  And I did.  I recently bought 28 days worth of lunch and dinners from  Once I am running low, I know I’ll want to decide if I should order more, and if so, what things?  So, I am going to review it all here so I can look back and see if it has been worthwhile.

I started my first meal at dinner tonight.  

Buffalo Chicken Sticks

Italian Green Beans w/ Garlic Butter Sauce

Review:  The chicken sticks were fantastic.  Really, really tasty.  Loved them and will definitely want to eat more of them.  The green beans were, well, green beans.  And I am a person who has a hard time with veggies, but these were good enough and I ate them with no problem.  They tasted like green beans.

I am still hungry, though.  I think I needed more protein in that meal.  I will have some pistachios as a snack and that should do the trick.  I didn’t buy their plan that included snacks, so I am on my own there, but pistachios are on the “approved” list so I am going to enjoy them guilt free tonight.



I am officially scheduled for laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis.  My ultrasound came back mostly clear.  My doc called me and said there was no cancer and nothing to worry about with it.  But, when I got the results, it said this:

1. Unremarkable uterus.
2. 2.1 cm septated right ovarian cyst.
3. 3.6 cm cystic lesion in the posterior right adnexa, separate
from the ovary. This could reflect a peritoneal inclusion cyst
but there is blood flow within the septation. Further evaluation
with MRI with and without IV contrast should be considered.

All of that seems fine, except #3.  That seems off.  And, the “unremarkable uterus” made me laugh.  In my research on #3, I can’t figure it out, except that in many cases it could be consistent with endometriosis.  But, other things I read also made it sound like it could be cancer.  But my doc was very quick and certain that there was no concern.  I haven’t been able to talk to him since I saw the results, so I guess i need to just make a list of questions for before the surgery, or get an appointment with him early this week.

If we go in and find a bunch of endo that he clears out, I am really thinking hard about the frozen embryo my friend has offered.  I think I have hesitated because of money, but also because it seemed like throwing money away.  With no change in my condition, how could I get a different outcome?  But, if this surgery actually fixes something, that changes everything.    But, I am putting carts before horses, here.  First thing first – get the surgery and see what we learn.