Let’s talk endometriosis….because I think I might have it.  Excruciatingly painful periods.  Like nothing else.  When I am on my period, it hurts to pee, and it hurts so bad to poop that I get lightheaded and almost pass out from the pain.  I can’t really use tampons anymore either – they also hurt.  Sitting upright for the first two days is pretty impossible because it hurts so badly to sit.  And now I have found some bumps on my cervix.  I know they could be anything – there are totally benign reasons they could be there, and there are the super scary reasons.  But I know for a fact they haven’t always been there, and that I haven’t always had this kind of pain.

So, tell me folks who know about this, what do I need to know?  And how do you manage the pain?  I cannot seem to get a doctors appointment any time soon, so I need the internet to tell me what to do.


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