My scale isn’t moving and I am annoyed.  I know one reason:  hormones.  I am days away from “that time of the month” and I usually have a fairly substantive plateau before that.  But seriously, I am working my ass off.  I am doing between 45 mins and an hour of cardio 6 days a week, and strength training with my trainer 2 days as well.  My eating is good in terms of carb restriction, and I thought, calories.  But as I sit on this plateau frustrated, I am wondering if I need to increase my calories.

Last summer I met with a weight loss surgeon, exploring the idea of lap band surgery.   She gave me a prescribed diet of 1100 calories a day, lots of exercise, and highly restricted carbs.  Which is the diet I’ve been trying to maintain recently, but also with a focus on high protein.  Anyway, I decided not to do the lap band at this time because I need to just get my shit together.  Even if I do it eventually, I need to have a healthy baseline to work from.  I need to have fixed all of the bad habits and behaviors that have contributed to my fatness if anything at all will ever help me achieve my goal of being healthy and a healthy weight.  So, for now, no weight loss surgery is in the game plan.   Of course, it’s possible this plateau  is all hormonal, but if I am only capable of losing weight for 2 weeks every months because of hormones (hormones that can’t seem to function well enough for me to get pregnant, even), then this is going to be even more of an uphill battle.

However, I am tracking food and exercise using MyFitnessPal and my Polar FT80 and here’s what I have in terms of output/input over the past week:

2/12    52 Mins Elliptical – 604 Cals Burned – Ate 1457 Cals 

2/13    55 Mins Strength Training – 587 Cals Burned – Ate 1332 Cals

2/14    47 Mins Treadmill Incline Walking Intervals – 467 Cals Burned – Ate Unknown (forgot to record most of the day, but was in ball park of other days)

2/15     1H 2mins Treadmill Jogging Intervals – 644 Cals Burned – Ate 995 Cals

2/16    49 Mins  Treadmill Incline Walking Intervals – 504 Cals urned – Ate 1402 Clas

2/17   51 Mins Weight Training & 41 Mins Elliptical – 892 Cals Burned – Ate 1241 Cals

2/18    53 Mins Treadmill Incline Walking Intervals – 509 Cals Burned – Ate 1770 Cals

No day has greater than 30 Net Carbs Consumed during a 24 hour period.

So, why am I stuck????

Move Dammit!


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