Don’t Cave to the Crave


2 weeks.  For two weeks my eating has been spot on.  I’ve lost almost 8 pounds.  I’ve been working out regularly, and I got a new Polar FT80 watch and heart rate monitor to really track what I am doing in terms of fitness. And I am excited about it all.  I got this.

But today, there are donuts.  Someone brought them to work for Valentine’s day.  They are sitting next to the plate loaded with frosted sugar cookies.  The only sweets I have allowed myself for 2 weeks is a square of dark chocolate each night.   But these donuts, the smell of maple and sugar and glaze.  It really makes me realize what an addict I am.  I am sitting in my office, but I know they are there.  Calling out to me.  Begging me to eat one…or six.

I caved earlier.  I went back to get one.  Opened the box and stood there looking at them and smelling them.  I didn’t get one – because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted.  I was contemplating having 2… Then someone else walked back there and said, “do it!”, but after I told her all of the work  I have been putting into my diet and exercise, she said, “I changed my mind.  Don’t do it.  You don’t really want it.  Do you want me to push you out of here?”  And I totally appreciated her support.

So, today’s goal is to power through the sugar craving without caving.  I got this….right?


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  1. Girl I feel your donut pain. Donuts were my weakness. I could resist all the other sugary crap people brought into the office but donuts, no way. Until I became vegan and then I just knew donuts were off limits. I just thought about the cows and the chickens that had to sacrifice their lives to make those delicious eggy, milky, sweet, delightful round pieces of heaven. And now I can resist the donuts. It helps that there is a place in Boston that sells vegan donuts so perhaps once a year I get one.

  2. Yeah – regardless of cows and chickens – it’s the sugar and flour I need to avoid. Being borderline Type 2 diabetic doesn’t leave you a lot of room to screw around with carbs. I have to be rigid. And it is not fun!

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