Biceps and Triceps and Calves, Oh My


So, I’ve been working out with my trainer for about 6 months now.  Some times have been more dedicated than others – December was a particularly tough month to get all of my training in.  

But I have been really consistent now for the past month and I am finally noticing real changes in both my fitness levels and my body.  I still haven’t lost much weight, and I still have the weight around my waist that just seems to never move.  But, my arms.  My arms are noticeably different.  I was showering this morning and when I washed my arms, they were hard.  They weren’t mushy.  They didn’t flop the way they used to.  And when I was sitting on the toilet this morning looking down in my morning haze, I noticed a shape in my calf muscle that I’ve not seen on my own body in probably 15 years.  It was round, and then cut in.  It was shaped like a real calf, not just a fat lower leg that tapers off at the ankle.

The belly fat is the worst, and I am making some diet and cardio changes to work on it, but my body is starting to have a shape other than amoeba.  And that is exciting.


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