10 DPO and 3rd day in Disneyland.  I am coming to realize this cycle probably failed too.  I am starting to feel the first signs of a zit on my jawline and my boobs are hurting increasingly bad.  All signs of the fertility apocalypse.   And I’m blogging this from Disneyland  while the family rides a ride not safe for expectant mothers.  Just in case.   Suck.


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  1. I totally understand your anxiety and the need to prepare yourself for the worst, BUT pms and pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same, so just hang in there until your test. Thinking of you with fingers crossed xoxx

  2. Thanks guys. I had been planning to wait and not test at all so I didn’t have to sit with the reality of all of this on Thanksgiving, but I think waiting is worse at this point. I am not sleeping well because my mind is racing. I think i will test tomorrow.

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