3 follicles.  One bigger than the other 2.  It’s interesting – in every cycle where I have added Menopur, it has slowed down and reduced the number of follicles.  But ok – we have 3.  Ovidrel tonight, IUI on Wednesday.

The clinic is not satisfied with the cystic fibrosis blood results I took them today.  I am concerned about the new bloodwork not coming in before Wednesday.


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  1. 3 follies is good…VERY good. I’ve never done an IUI with menopur.

    My clinic wanted me to throw in the towel on my IVF cycle because my CF results weren’t in before retrieval and transfer. My response: “we’ve been trying for 4 years without knowing, I’m OK with what may or may not happen.” They really wanted me to post pone, but I told them there was no way I was backing out this late in the game.

    Good luck!!!

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