So, my friend has breast cancer.  And, though she hasn’t talked to the surgeon yet, she thinks she will be having a double mastectomy.  I don’t often mention it here, but I am a professional photographer, and my friend has asked me to take before and after pictures of her breasts.  These are pretty much the most important pictures I will ever take – and I want so badly for them to be perfect, so I am researching what breast cancer photography might be like.  I only have a few days to be ready.  These things happen quickly, so we are doing the pictures this week.  I took a look at The Scar Project and the images are beautiful, but a little darker than my friend is seeking.  Have you seen any breast cancer photography that moved you?  I would love some links.

In unrelated events, I am headed in tomorrow for a baseline.  I also have an appointment at another clinic for a second opinion.  I don’t know what else they could possibly tell me, but I need to know that we’ve covered all bases.  At my clinic, for $10,000 you can get 6 anonymous donor embryos and the transfer cycles.  I wish I had another $10k.

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