Ok, I’ve been IUI’d.  I’ve had many of these, but this one was a bit uncomfortable.  And as usual, I have my incredibly painful ovulation, so I know I ovulated.  I can’t generally move much for at least 24 hours after I ovulate.  So, eggs released, good sperm count put in.  Now we wait.  The hypnotherapist says I should think frequently, “I intend that this will be the time that I get pregnant.”  She’s pretty experienced in working with people dealing with fertility challenges.  She posits that the pessimism and lack of hope that comes with being this far along in the process, can be detrimental, and this type of mental mantra allows you to redirect your thought process without trying to manufacture some false sense of hope or optimism.  Ok, well, no harm, I can do this.  Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t…but it surely doesn’t hurt.

I was thinking a little more about hypnotherapy today.  I like that I don’t have to sit there and talk and deal with my shit with someone.  This just gets right in there and tries to solve shit by altering thinking patterns to change behavior.  There’s something kind of nice about that.


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  1. Good luck, Steph! I hope that the hypnotherapy works. I, too, am a skeptical person so I am very curious to see how it goes for you. I was also skeptical about using a chiropractor and he has helped so much, I have eaten my words. Keep us posted.

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