I just got home from an almost 2 week long business trip.  I was all over the place, and had a blast.  I got to spend some time with friends I only get to see once a year, and I got to relax.  Really, really just relax.  There was a plethora of drinking (which I NEVER do), and a plethora of laughing (also rare for me anymore).   This was the most jolting experience of coming home an coming back to real life that I’ve ever had after a trip.  I think it was a combination of the length of this trip (the longest I’ve ever been on) and what a great time and experience I had while I was away.

Yes, I was on injections – gonal f and lupron.  But they were just sort of asides.  Nothing that I gave much thought.  And I was quite drunk when I did several of the injections – which was interesting in and of itself.  I just didn’t worry about it.  My life was a whirlwind of fun, learning, and entertainment and I did not have time to be sad or stressed about my dysfunctional ovaries.  It was a fantastic respite from my regular life.

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