Well, a piece of good news.  I know that doesn’t happen so often on this blog, but this is really good news.

A while back, on a donor sibling registry, I found a couple who used the same donor as us.  As a shot in the dark, I sent them an email to see if they had any extra vials available they would be willing to sell us. I was unsure if we would even get a response.  This was in the midst of dealing with the embryo people, so I was getting jerked around a lot.  But, they sent a very nice response saying they do have vials, but they aren’t sure if they want more kids, so they don’t think they want to part with them.  I thanked them for the consideration and moved on.  We picked a new donor.

I’ve been putting off ordering vials from the new donor because I just couldn’t being myself to do it.  And we still have some time – maybe it was the money holding me back.  Sperm-sicles are not cheap.  But, it turns out that this couple did some more thinking.  On Friday I got an unexpected email – they are willing to part with 2 vials at this time.  And they are only asking us to pay what they paid for it.  This means we get at least 2 more tries for a full genetic sibling – something we thought was no longer possible.  This is a really big deal for us.

And, they asked if we wanted to exchange photos of the children we both do have, just for curiosity sake since they have the same genetic father.  So, we also exchanged photos over the weekend and it was very cool to see similarities in their kids and mine.  Foreheads, eyes, mouths – so interesting.

These people are such a stark contrast to the embryo people.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the kick in the stomach.  And it never came.  I didn’t realize how sort of traumatized I was from the embryo people, until I talked to these folks (I really don’t want to refer to them as the sperm people…).  My anxiety at every email exchanged was tremendous.  But, they seem genuinely nice.  Such a welcome change!

Now we figure out how the logistics of this type of arrangement work and then we are headed towards an IUI the week of the 20th.

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