And We’re Moving On…


To another IUI cycle.

We officially ended the conversation with the embryo donors.  That conversation degenerated to the point that they were specifying the language we would be expected to use to explain genetic origins to any potential children.  They also informed us that they would require 2-4 in person meetings so they could “evaluate and assess your communication style and fitness as parents.”  And they decided that they were going to require us to allow children to meet prior to adulthood.  They wanted any children we had to be raised with their children.  And that was all just not workable for us.  So, we gave them some feedback and wished them luck in finding people who would be able or willing to co-parent with them in that way.

I spoke to the embryologist at our clinic and brought her up to date on that situation.  She’s so level headed and great.  She was vigilant about maintaining her neutrality in the conversation, and explained that after hearing about the process from our end, she is thinking that the couple just isn’t ready to part with the embryos, despite saying that they are.  And she said she was glad that we were clear headed enough to know our boundaries up front and not just accept any arrangement, even if it was not comfortable, in order to have another child.  She knows – after this long and this much heartbreak and this much desperation – it takes a lot of resolve to walk away from something with so much potential.  She said she would let the team there know to keep us in mind if anything at all became available – I truly do appreciate her.

I also spoke with my nurse about starting our new IUI cycle.  I requested NOT to see the  IUI coordinator after the last disastrous experience with her. So, my IVF coordinator volunteered to continue with me – and she’s great.  It’s such a relief not to have to work with the other person – my stress levels just dropped significantly!  I also asked about getting meds from IVFMeds dot com.   I told her I needed to cost save as much as possible at this point, and she offered to see if she could get me samples from the drug rep for the injectibles for this cycle.  I truly appreciated that, too.  It may not happen, but that she offered to ask was very nice.

Now, in the meantime, I am going to go back to doing all of those things that are supposed to improve egg quality.  Though they have not seemed to work so far, they also haven’t hurt.


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