I move quickly once I think I have some certainty about things.  I’ve finally scheduled an appointment at another Fertility Clinic for a second opinion.  They had a cancellation and were able to get me in on July 25 – far sooner than the original date in September they had available.

We also have chosen a new sperm donor and will pursue another IUI cycle with a new donor – as soon as we can.  I am feeling certain this cycle is a bust because 1) BFN yesterday  2) Tender bbs are gone  3) Massive face breakout

Does that mean I am done POAS?   Of course not!  I will POAS tomorrow, just because.  It’s somehow comforting to have a continued affirmation of where I am even if it’s not the news I wanted.

I’ve got this under control, right?  Right?



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  1. I totally support you moving on to a new clinic. Fresh ideas from new doctors can’t hurt. I love you chica, hang in there.

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