Well, I guess tomorrow is test day.  At least POAS day.  It will be 7DP 5DT…equivalent of 12 DPO.

This cycle has been a little different.  But at this time, I am guessing it didn’t work.  Typically on failed cycles, I get sore boobs around 8-9 DPO.  This time it kicked in at 10 DPO.  They are a little sore – not the kind of sore I am used to where if anyone even tries to hug me I want to punch them in the face because it hurts.

And this morning I have developed some pretty notable cramps.  I keep looking for AF to start, but I am on progesterone, so I know that won’t happen.  I’ve also got a small breakout on my forehead.  And that’s it.  It’s interesting, but I feel oddly peaceful that I will probably get another BFN tomorrow.  I mean, there’s a part of me that doesn’t, and can’t, believe it will be negative.  But I am so used to it now, I mostly don’t believe there’s any chance it will be positive.  And when I say positive, I mean real positive.  Not, here’s another chemical pregnancy positive.


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