The Heart Attack and Superstitions


I am not generally superstitious.  But, I am today.


I got a call this morning that my uncle had a massive heart attack.  He is alive and was awake.  Apparently the paramedics arrived quickly and they saved his life.  But, at last call, I heard that they are putting in a pacemaker, they have unblocked one artery and have found more blockages, but he is not stable enough right now to have them fixed.  It is very touch and go and no one knows yet if he is going to pull through this.  I cannot even let myself imagine that possibility.

I also have my embryo transfer today.  And this is where the superstition kicks in.  It shouldn’t be on the same day as something this catastrophic.  The transfer should be a calm day, a day when the energy in the universe is smooth.  Not when the energy in my world in in complete upheaval.

I considered cancelling the transfer, but I think they have already thawed the embryos.  I need some positive thoughts and energy, but at the same time, I want every ounce of healing ad positivity going to my uncle.

I’m going to close my eyes and hope the universe has enough to go around today.


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