No testing, no cry


I’m officially traveling for work. Tomorrow is 12 DPO and I could test with some reasonable expectation of accuracy. I tested at 10 DPO and while I thought I might have seen a hint of a line, The Wife did not. 10 DPO is early and I’ve never tested that early before. So, I remain hopeful- to the extent that I allow myself to be hopeful. I have 2 tests sitting on the bathroom sink, but this time, being at this conference, I think I am going to opt to hold out hope- even if it’s false hope. I have to get through the conference even if by choosing to hold onto hope that I have no right to.

Truthfully, I know the likelihood of it working is slim, but there’s that part of me that still thinks, “This could be the one”.

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  1. I’m glad you are not testing at the conference, because no matter whether the result is + or -, it would probably distract you. If you can wait (easier said than done), it’s better to test when the test result is somewhat official. I’m glad you have hope; I do too! 😉

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