Ranking with the Dumb


Well, I decided to POAS today, just for shits.  (Read: Because I am an impatient dumb ass).  Excuse I gave myself was that I don’t think I am going to let myself test while I am away at my conference, leaving Sunday, so it’s ok if I test early.  I got the lightest of light second lines.  I was so uncertain that’s what I was seeing that I took the test apart to make sure it wasn’t glare – and I could see it much better with the test disassembled.

It could still be the trigger, since I am 9 DPO now.  And I never test this early, but the fact that I am not going to test while at this conference really worked against my willpower to hold out.  I think i would have made it to 12 DPO pretty easily if I knew I were going to test that day.  But knowing that it’s either today/tomorrow or not until Thursday got the best of me.  So I peed on the stupid stick.  And I got the stupid faintest of faint positives.  Which could be false from the HCG injection.

So, I am no closer to knowing anything that I was an hour ago.  No less tortured, no more tortured.  And I knew that would be the case when I did it, and I just couldn’t help myself.


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