I think The Wife is feeling a little anxious for me to test.  Which, of course, I am as well.  But today is only 9 DPO.  We could still get a false positive from the HCG shots.  It’s also just way early.  I *might* test tomorrow, just for shits because I really don’t think I will test while I am on my trip.  I think if I get a BFN, I will immediately cease to be functional.  As much as I have tried to prepare myself for the moment when we no longer have the option of a genetic sibling, I don’t think I will handle it well.  I know myself – I will not be functional. 

Working a conference is like spending several days on stage.  Every interaction is playing to your audience.  You have to be a star the whole time.  You are the queen on improv and someone is always watching.  Non-functional is not an option.

I think The Wif…

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