Survival of the….None


Well, none of those eggs they took from me made it to Day 5.  So, that’s over.  Hope is definitely pinned on the IUI now.  Test date is next Wednesday, so just over a week from today.

I will be out of town and I haven’t decided if I should test or not.  I always test alone, so it’s not an issue of being by myself.  I am more worried about getting a BFN and still having to be not only functional, but charming, outgoing and on top of my game.  We are hosting a conference, so I’ll be out in front of people all the time.  I don’t know how I will manage to wait either, but then again, my period could just come, which would answer the question without it even being asked.

Also, I think I have a new plan for the next cycle.  We have 2 frozen embryos left.  I have a theory that my body does not respond well to the synthetic hormones in vivelle and endometrin.  I also know that you can do a FET on a natural cycle. But, since I don’t have natural cycles, I am wondering of we can mimic one by having me take low dose injectibles to get a few good eggs and a good lining.  Then trigger and let those ovulate.  Rather than do an IUI, we would just time it out from there and transfer the embryos at the appropriate day.  That way my body is generating the hormones naturally, but we have helped it along.  I would probably support it with endometrin, too, but I think this might be a good idea.


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  1. Sorry your eggs didn’t survive and I can’t even imagine having the 2ww while trying to fart rainbows around a bunch of folks. hang in there.

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