Sometimes being in management baffles me.  I always rate well on anything regarding emotional intelligence and dealing with people.  I always get the highest scores from my team in areas that relate to they way I treat them and work with them as a manager.  I am proud of all of this.  I generally do very well in the human side of management.

Lately though, I have been left wondering if I am doing something wrong.  I asked someone in a different department to work on a project (with her boss’ blessing), and 2 months later it’s still not even started.  I finally have a bid from the outside contractor who will actually do the work, but it’s not started.   I asked someone on my team for a report today and she replied with a one sentence email telling me to ask someone else.  It took 4 people getting this request, and saying no, before I just asserted my authority and said that I did not have time to discuss this further and that someone needed to get me the report and that I needed it in the next 15 minutes.

One person at my office gets everything she asks for right away because people are afraid of her.  Because she can be mean.  She’ll make your life hell.  She’s made mine hell and she’s my peer – she has no supervisory authority over me.  But she gets what she needs and wants from people.  I’ve always been very much against leading by fear and authoritarianism, but I am wondering if there is some merit there.  I’ve tried being nice and that’s not working.

Who tells the VP to go ask someone else????  I never pull that card – EVER – but when it takes me an hour to get something that should have taken 5 minutes, it makes me wonder if I need to pull the card more often.  I have results and outcomes for which I am accountable and if I can’t make it happen because I am not able to get people to respond appropriately, then I am doing something wrong.    There’s got to be some sort of line where you are more firm, but at the same time still do well on the human side.  I have to sort this out.


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