So many follies


When I was spending $20,000 on my cycles for IVF,  I did not get a lot of eggs.  And here we are, having spent half the money on meds and WAY less on the procedure with IUI, and I have 13 mature follicles.  13.  Which I cannot use.  But, rather than cancel the cycle and lose all of the money we have invested, we are going to spend a little more and have some of the follicles aspirated.  It’s basically just like an egg retrieval – they will go in and suck out some of the follicles.  But since we are still doing IUI, they will leave about 6 in there to ovulate normally, and they will do the IUI.  I’ll go under the anesthesia and such, just like a retrieval, and we’ll have a much more sensible number of eggs for an IUI.

I saw Dr. Z today and he said their lab is starting to experiment with freezing eggs and fertilizing them later.  He’s not sure if they will be set up for it, but if they are, they can freeze the eggs that they take out, rather than just throw them away.  Then later, they will try to thaw and fertilize them, and if they make embryos, great.  If not, then that’s fine too.  They don’t charge us for it either way because it is an experimental procedure and they view it as a chance to practice.  If we benefit from it, even better.  I figure we’re just going to throw out the eggs otherwise, so I am all for it.  Hopefully they will want to do that.

So, here we go.  Aspiration and IUI on Wednesday.  This is our last chance in the world to have another child that is fully a genetic sibling to our son.  That’s less important for sure these days, but it’s still significant.  

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