I have a follicle check ultrasound today.  And due to a manhunt for a shooter/carjacker, the ONE road (it’s a major road)  that leads from my city to the city where the ultrasound is, is completely closed.  Police are out on the highway with dogs and all sorts of bad guy tracking stuff.  Hopefully the road will open again in the next hour or we’ll have a bit of a situation to figure out since I am on day 7 of stims for an upcoming IUI.  

I am on hold with the clinic to see if they know of any alternate ways to get there because based on the local news and their helicopter coverage, that road I need is not going to open any time soon.  They just told me that every road leading into that city is closed.  They will just see me whenever I can get in today – that’s really nice at least.  They understand they are going to have a long day, and I understand that when I can finally get there, I am going to have to be patient and wait nicely.  They’ll be doing their best today.

In other news, the friend whose friend was considering putting her baby up for adoption decided to keep the baby, so that is no longer a possibility.  I was never really engaged with that prospect because it seemed as unlikely as it has turned out to actually be.  But at the very least, it was an overwhelmingly kind gesture from a good friend, to try to put that together if the opportunity was there.

And, I got a call from the IVF clinic yesterday that a couple who has some extra embryos available has finally followed up with them to contact us about potentially donating them.  This would be an open donation, so we would know who they are and they would know who we are.  They may have requests, such as wanting to be sure that an children we might have from the donated embryos are able to meet their siblings later in life.  A request which we would support.  I don’t know what other kinds of requests they would want in order to donate them, so we will see.  They were given my name and email address yesterday, so I am just waiting for them to contact me.  So, maybe that will happen.

Today, just looking to get to that ultrasound follie check.



I have a follic…


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