BARGH!!!!  It doesn’t look like I am going to get my foot surgery!  The nurse from my IVF office called and said she talked to the other doctor and he said the general anesthesia could impact the egg growth and either no surgery or cancel cycle.  Of course, she hadn’t bothered to look at my file and had no idea I was already on lupron and was starting gonal-f on Friday.  I don’t trust her one bit – I would much rather have been able to talk to the doctor myself.

And because of that, I told her that I wanted a second opinion – and I wanted her to talk to Dr. L about it.  I KNOW Dr. L knows where I am at in treatment and I don’t trust that this nurse told the other doctor because she didn’t know.    The response will likely be the same, but at least I will know the doctor had all of the relevant information to provide the feedback.

Maybe the podiatrist can use a local or block anesthetic…but I doubt it.  She said it would be general.  This is really a disappointment – I won’t cancel my cycle, so no foot surgery, I guess.  Next opportunity is in September, so it looks like I am living with the immobility and pain for a lot longer.

I want to know why they can use general anesthesia to retrieve eggs in an IVF cycle, but I cannot use it to have foot surgery in an IUI cycle.  And that nurse cannot explain anything to me – and I can’t talk to a doctor because I cannot get through the nurse.


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