Ok, Dr. L. also said no surgery. I emailed the podiatrist to see if they can do it with a local, and if not, I guess we wait.

I also Googled the coordinator for my IUI since I have never heard anything about this woman in the 2 years I have been at the clinic and something about her just isn’t right. She has a very public LinkedIn profile. It turns out that she has only been there since August and she’s not a nurse. As a matter of fact, her experience prior to this job has only been front office medical work and billing/coding. Which explains why she has NO IDEA how to answer any of my questions and why her demeanor is somewhat short and rude. Her experience is working with insurance companies trying to get the doctors paid, so she’s used to being short with people and expecting them to just accept what she says without questions.

Now, for me, when it comes to making medical decisions, I want to know why I should make decision A or decision B. And if you can’t tell me, you either need to get the information or get me in touch with someone who CAN tell me. And not give me attitude when I want to understand. At least now I know what I am dealing with – someone with zero medical knowledge and only 9 months of fertility practice experience. *sigh* If I am stuck with her in the future, I may have to switch fertility clinics if we do more IUI. I don’t think I can work with her.

In the meantime, I am going to start running again and just deal with the foot pain. I figure it can hurt and I can sit around and gain weight and be miserable. Or, it can hurt and I can try to work through it and gain less weight and be physcially miserable, but maybe a little less mentally miserable.


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  1. I would complain loudly to the clinic. In this economy there has to be someone more qualified.
    Ask your podiatrist about a cortisone shot in your foot. I hate cortisone bc it’s only a bandaid but it sounds like you need that right now. Good luck.

    • Good idea about cortisone. I will ask about that.

      As far as the clinic is concerned- this is my biggest weakness. I won’t say a damn word. I can’t make myself do it. Wife was trying to talk me into it earlier, but we both know I won’t. She might call and complain and try to get it taken care of, but I really suck at that.

  2. You should read “Born to Run”. It advocates barefoot running, and claims that if you learn to run correctly you can prevent all those injuries. Now I have no idea if yours came from running, but it might be worth a shot! New Balance also has info on Good Form Running (I’m trying this all out new myself) if you Google it!
    Hope all goes well.

    • Thanks! That book has been lingering on my reading list for a while. I have a dear friend who very strongly advocates barefoot running and I was thinking of giving it a try this spring/summer. I’ve son a lot of reading on it myself, and it really does make sense from a biomechanical perspective.

      But, for now, I have a ganglion cyst in the tendon sheath over the 5th metatarsal and it’s both causing tendonitis AND pressing on a nerve. I guess these cysts just happen pretty randomly for no apparent reason. And if I were completely honest, I was also hoping to have it removed sooner than later because my Mom has me a little paranoid. She knew a guy they diagnosed with ganglion cysts and it wasn’t – it was cancer – and it took so long them to actually remove one and check pathology that he had major invasive cancer and died very soon after. I know that is SO highly unlikely- ganglion cysts are fairly common – but she planted that thought in my brain, so I was looking forward to having that bit of paranoia resolved, too.

      Anyway – thanks for the book recommendation! I think I am going to start walking again and see how that goes and then try to slowly progress from there.

    • As the dear friend who hihly recommended barefoot running I am glad to see others are getting on board. I took up running again after a 20 year hiatus. I ran a half marathon in Nov. After breaking my toe in the lamest way possible I can no longer wear my five finger shoes and had to find new ones. I love my Barefoot Vivo’s tho. Good luck.

      • I just recently got a pair of Reeboks that do not appear to have any extra cushioning in them. I’m going to try those and then see about a pair of those five fingers. I should have gotten those in the first place but for whatever reason I didn’t – plan to though!

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