I am considering buying my next round of fertility drugs at an online Canadian Pharmacy.  Having looked at it a bit, I have found a few that would save me over $700 on the gonal-f alone.  They have the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and verifications.  Cutting out $700 a cycle could really stretch our ability to pay for this stuff.  I am unsure about whether or not to give it a shot…Thoughts on using a Canadian Pharmacy?


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  1. We used a Canadian pharm for domperidone. Why doesn’t you health ins. cover rx? Or better yet the fertility process? Haven’t you demonstrated you have thw need? Rx was all ours covered but it was something.

    • My insurance covers 50% of fertility drugs. In theory. Realistically though, the cash payer discount makes it cheaper for me to buy them out of pocket than to pay my 50% co-pay.

      Now that you mention it, I got my domperidone from a foreign pharmacy, too. I had forgotten about that.

      As far as it covering infertility, it covered 50% of 6 IUI cycles and that’s it. It cuts off there.

      • that’s crazy. you have sucky insurance. but from what I can tell most insurances are sucky.

  2. Sadly, I actually have very good insurance. One of the best plans available around here for small businesses. What sucks is that insurance is not REQUIRED to cover infertility. And they are not required to cover IVF. And that pharmaceutical companies jack the price up so high when you have insurance, that is is actually often cheaper to pay cash out of pocket than to pay 50% of the insurance rate. Because the cash rates are less than 50% of what they charge insurance.

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