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OMG – FET cycles were so straightforward.  I forgot how fucking annoying IUI cycles are.  First, I forgot that you have to wait until CD 21 for a baseline, which means that you pretty much lose a month.  Second, I forgot how fucking non-responsive the patient contacts are for this.  I just had the most frustrating conversation EVER with a patient coordinator at my RE office.  It’s like “Waiting for Infertility Godot”.

I first explained to her that I haven’t decided that I want to do this cycle, another FET or an IUI.  I want the opportunity to consult my doctor to find out what they recommend.  And I want to make sure that I have had all of the testing possible to make sure there’s not something else potentially wrong that we haven’t looked into yet.  (And what I didn’t say is that I should have the opportunity to have a doctor recommend a treatment.  I should not have to figure it out myself.)

“Well, if you are doing an IUI cycle, you won’t start anything until CD 21 anyway, so you have plenty of time.”

“Wait, why do I have to wait until CD 21?”

“That’s how the providers here do it.”

“I understand that, but why?”

“I don’t know.  We just do.”

“Ok, I hear you, but I need to understand WHY I am losing a month here.”

“If you are looking for the medical reason or explanation, I can’t tell you.  I have no idea.  That’s just how we do it.”

(I am certain my frustration is becoming tangible at this point – hers certainly is.)

*sigh*  “Ok, but what if I want to do FET?  I need to talk to the doctor.”

“Ok, well the first appointment I have available is Wednesday, April 4.”

“Won’t I miss some important things that might need to happen in the interim if we wait until then to do anything?  I am on CD1, shouldn’t I start BCP on CD3?”


“Why?  I have started BCP on CD 3 every other FET and IUI cycle.”

“Hold on.  I only coordinate IUIs, I don’t know anything about FET.”  (She is so clearly irritated at this point)

She comes back.

“Ok, if you want to do FET start BCP now and then you can come in for a consultation Wednesday and decide from there.  But if you decide to do an IUI, this will back up your IUI cycle.  You will take the BCP this time and then you will have to get your menses and then we will wait until the next CD 21.”

“Hold on…I need to start BCP today?  On CD1, not on CD3?

“Yes, today on CD one.”

“And this would back up my IUI another cycle because?”

“That’s how it works.”

“OK, I know you don’t know me, but I have been through a lot of this and what you are telling me just is not in line with my experience.  I have never started BCP on CD1 and I have definitely taken BCP directly leading up to an IUI injectible cycle.  So, I am at a real loss here.”

“Hold on.”

She comes back.

“Ok, you should start BCP on CD3.  Come see the doctor on Wednesday for your consult and if you decide on FET you can do a baseline.  If you decide on IUI, the BCP are no problem.  You just overlap them with the Lupron.  And we’ll do your baseline around CD 21.”

“Ok.  I will take the Wednesday appointment if you will call in a prescription for BCP for me.”

FUCK – what if I didn’t know more than the nurse or coordinator or whatever she is?  What if I were new at this and she would have totally screwed up a cycle by giving me incorrect medical advice?  Oh, I would have been so royally pissed.

Ok, I need to take a deep breath and drink a beer or 6.


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