Holy Mother of Menstrual Cramps, Batman!

I have a theory.  It’s my uneducated guess.  When my nurse called and told me that the HCG had dropped and to go off the hormones, she said that I would get my period in a week or two.  So, I got it yesterday.  Approximately 1.5 days after I stopped the hormones.  Here’s my theory:  I had low progesterone.  The endometrin wasn’t enough and potentially that’s why the two chemicals in a row.  Seems like the progesterone was out of my system really way too fast, so I now have this theory.  If we do another FET, I’ll use PIO.

Oh, and I just called my RE office to schedule my next appt. since it is CD1, and I have a new nurse coordinator.  I’ve never met this one.  I can’t believe how much I’ve been bounced around between nurses.  It’s no wonder no one knows what the hell is going on with me, there’s always a new nurse!

And in other news, my co-worker told me today that she knows someone who might want to give us her baby.  She’s not sure, but she thinks it might be a possibility and she’s trying to figure out a way to talk to the woman about it.    I’m not getting my hopes up, but it’s an interesting idea, anyway.

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  1. I think you may be onto something there. Both times I’ve done PIO, I’ve not gotten a period for about 5 days. The progesterone has to drop to a certain level, I think, before menses will begin. You definitely shouldn’t be on CD1 yet if the progesterone was where it should be. Which cycle days did they check it via bloodwork? Where was it then? If you don’t know, I’d sure as hell find out before trying again.


  2. Yeah – they NEVER check my hormones during a cycle. Ever – not when I was stimming for egg retrieval and not when we were doing FET. I was told that they cannot get an accurate reading on progesterone when you are using endometrin because it is concentrated in your uterus and doesn’t get so high in your bloodstream. But I am convinced that this is relevant. After my first FET ended with a chemical, I asked the nurse about it and she convinced me that couldn’t be possible. And I feel like a sucker for not pushing for more information at that time, but I do trust this nurse. Anyway, I will do PIO next time because I am not going out of this process with any regrets and I would definitely have a regret about this.

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