Self Indulgent


I’m being self indulgent today.  I read online that the Target brand tests are notorious for giving a false positive, so, even though my beta numbers should be back in a few hours, I took my ass to CVS and bought a pack of first response.  It has one regular and one digital, so I grabbed the digital, came back to work and proceeded to test again.  Negative.  Which is what I was expecting today, so I guess maybe now I can stop hanging on a thread of hope and get some work done until I get the call to confirm it.


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  1. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I would totally be peeing on things, though, too. Sometimes I think a stark “No”, while craptastic in its own right, is preferable to this hellish rollercoaster.

    You’ve been in my thoughts all day. Sending big hugs.


    • Thank you. I agree completely. I have a friend here who couldn’t understand why I was so glad when the chemical pregnancy self resolved and did so quickly. It’s just easier. A negative result is gut wrenching – no doubt. But I do prefer it to this up and down, waiting for something that’s 99.9% likely to be nothing.

    • Thank you. My biggest hope right now is that this thing self resolves. I swore to myself I wouldn’t let the roller coaster thing happen mentally after all we’ve been through, but, I just couldn’t fight it.

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