Cosmic Joke


This must be some sort of cosmic joke.  Right?  Some bad karma?  Some deity of whatever variety you choose having a good laugh at my expense?

The beta didn’t come back negative.  It also didn’t come back positive.  It came back at 8.77, which is apparently enough to keep me on estrogen and progesterone until Friday, when I am supposed to go in for a repeat beta.  It’s got to be another chemical – I was so thinking it would be a clean cut answer this time. This time last cycle, my beta was down to 2.2, so apparently this one made it farther than the last one.

But, this reinforces my thought process that maybe I am not getting enough progesterone or something.  I mean, if something has tried to take twice, maybe I have an underlying issue causing it not to work – other than genetic issues in the embryos.

I don’t know, but I sure was hoping for a clean and clear answer today.  I guess realistically, that comes on Friday, now.


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  1. I am so sorry that the Universe is messing with your mind once again. Chemical pregnancies suck — and so does having to keep going on the medication when you know there is no point. Hoping Friday gives you better answers.


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