The thing about pregnancy tests is that they don’t judge you.  They don’t care if you pick them up and throw them across the room swearing.  They don’t care if you quietly drop them in the trash can and go numb and move on with your day.  They don’t judge, they don’t empathize, and they don’t have expectation.  They just tell the truth.  And mine was another BFN.



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    • Thanks. I am pretty confident that this is an accurate outcome. I don’t have a normal luteal phase…never have. But, I think this is accurate. I think that’s why I was freaking out so much last night – I sort of had a strong feeling that this would be the outcome.

  1. Thank you….I always appreciate when other people hold out some hope so I don’t feel so bad for being devastated. Somebody has to hope, right? 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m hoping for you – that it’s your turn this time. I suppose the universe could still throw me a curveball, but I doubt it. Which means it’s time for me to live vicariously through someone else for a minute…

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