I stared long and hard at a home pregnancy test this morning.  I was standing in my closet, holding it, staring at it, and it was as if we were in a battle of wills.  Me and that inanimate object.  Ultimately, I just threw it back into the box and hurried to the bathroom before I could run back and grab it.  Today is 5DP6DT, or the equivalent of 11 DPO.  I wasn’t ready to have my hope killed quite yet.

The nausea has mostly subsided – I am completely functional today.  I really think it was metformin stomach, so for the moment I cut my dose in half to let my body recover.  I even was able to eat something other than crackers, and chicken soup last night.  And this morning my appetite is back.  I have very minimal nausea, so I think that I have confirmed that it is unrelated.

My boobs are also much less tender today.   They still are – just not as much as they have been.  Make of it what you will – in an IUI cycle, if it worked, I do not get sore boobs at all.  Sore boobs are a tell tale sign of a failed IUI cycle for me.  But this is different – in that my boobs hurt before we even did the transfer, so it’s hard to connect the two.  Maybe it’s a good sign that they hurt less, maybe it’s a bad sign.  Maybe it’s no sign at all, it just is.  Which is most likely.

Incidentally, I made a deal with that HPT this morning.  This is it’s last night living in the box.  I always test at 12 DPO and that’s tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

I stared long a…

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  1. Ok, breathe. I have had a stark white negative on 6dp5dt that turned positive on 7dp5dt. It very well could be you tomorrow! Keeping everything crossed for you.

    That being said, I get caving and the “battle of wills.” I peed this morning, even knowing that I have NEVER gotten a positive this early, and am, in fact, at least two more days away from a potential positive.

    Much love and hugs,

  2. Ok, sorry. I just re-read your post for the third time and finally got that you DIDN’T cave and test early. Good for you!!!! Hoping hoping hoping that tomorrow you get some good news.


  3. Ha – yeah, upon a re-read, I guess it wasn’t that clear. I didn’t test today, but I will in the morning. I’ve never had a cycle that wasn’t positive by 12 DPO or 6DP6DT if it was going to end up positive. Of course, I’ll keep testing..probably regardless of the outcome. But I think I’ve reached the end of my patience.

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