Keep it in Check


I have wretched nausea.  Particularly in the morning.  Yesterday and today.  I finally got some mac and cheese down last night and today I am back on ginger ale and saltines.

Here’s what I know – this means NOTHING.  It’s way too early in the process for me to be having these types of pregnancy symptoms IF it even worked.    Today is 4DP6DT, which is the equivalent of 10 DPO.  Way too soon for this.  So, I am wondering if my metformin is messing with my system.  I’ve been a lot more diligent about taking it and making sure I don’t miss a dose  since the transfer.  I’ve had “metformin stomach” before and it’s very similar to this, but usually with a bit less nausea and queasiness.

I was dry heaving all morning – so close to yakking my brains out.  The Child was cheering me on, “Run, Mommy, run!  You have to get to the potty before you throw up!  You can do it!  I believe in you!”  As I dry heave my way across the room.  I was proud of him this morning.  I could hardly function, but he got up, got dressed and got ready for school with minimal whining and complaining.  And that’s a great thing for a 4 year old.

So, of course I know this could not at all be related because it’s just too soon.  But, you also know that it is completely impossible for my mind NOT to wander to the possibility that this could have worked.  Not something I even let myself contemplate in general.  And I don’t want to even let it happen now.  I don’t want to hope.  I don’t want to think that maybe, just maybe… But I am having a bit of a difficult time stopping it.  And that makes me nervous.


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    • Ha – yeah, if I hadn’t been feeling so awful, it would have totally cracked me up! He’s a funny kid 🙂

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