And Now We Wait…


Well, it’s done.  And much to my satisfaction, one of the doctors I know ended up doing the transfer.  She said that she saw me on the other guy’s schedule and plucked me off and put me on her schedule.  I could not have appreciated that more.

We ended up transferring 3 embryos.  2 of mine and one donated.  One of mine was such poor quality it could not even be graded.  It only had 4-6 living cells left.  The other of my blasts looked OK.  It wasn’t perfect, but it looked very viable.  So, I had them thaw one of the donor embryos and it looked fantastic.  So, we shall see.  Interesting potential in my uterus at this moment.

Shortly, I’ll head out for my follow-up acupuncture appointment…but I could totally be down with a nap right now.

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  1. Oh, wow. That’s simply fascinating, that you guys decided to do both. Do you plan on ever doing a sort of genetic testing to determine which one sticks around? It doesn’t matter at all, and I feel kind of douchey even asking. YOU are the mother, either way, and DNA means little when it comes to that. But I think I myself would always wonder….and that would bother me. Doing a donor cycle would not bother me one bit — but the maybe, maybe not? Would make me crazy. 🙂

    Even cooler would be if both decided to stick around — and you have twins. Sending lots of wonderful thoughts your way!


  2. Thanks! Ha, no need to feel douchey about asking that – it’s not your everyday situation. If I end up pregnant, I will definitely do genetic testing, just because the not knowing would drive me nuts. Plus, it would be good for knowing for medical purposes – I actually sort of think it would be a bit unethical to not find out for medical purposes. Like you said, I’ll be the mom either way, that’s not the question 🙂

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