I feel like I have a short story asking me to write it.  I’m not much of a writer other than professional/business stuff and my blog. But this just keeps nagging at me- it’s been nagging at me for almost a whole week now.  Which means, I think, I need to write it.  And it’s not at all related to my infertility, but this is my outlet for writing, so I think I will write it here.  This will be an interesting endeavor for me.

I keep thinking about the transfer on Friday.  I’ve been somewhat nervous about seeing a doctor that I have never met before.  But, maybe this would be a good opportunity to get an outside opinion.  I worry that maybe last time I had the chemical because of progesterone.  of course, there’s no way to know that.  But, maybe I should ask him about it and get his thoughts.  Maybe he’ll say or suggest something to put my mind at ease.


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