My kid did not dry drown last night and I did eventually get a little sleep.  Moment of crazy has passed.

In other news, I have a potential client looking for a maternity photo session.  As I’ve mentioned before, it has been over a year since I have done a maternity session and I really don’t feel ready to start doing them again yet.  I’ve been really stressed out about how to handle this.   So, last night I was typing out the situation to bounce off of a group of friends I talk to online and half way through typing, it was like a light bulb went off and I got this amazing clarity on the subject.

I don’t have to do maternity photography.  I do this as a hobby/job, so why should I do anything with it that is not fun for me?  I have a full time job that involves it’s fair share of “daily grind” – why would I put myself through that for my “fun” job?  Sure, I will do a maternity session for my long time client this spring, but that is actually starting to feel ok to me.  I know them and that makes it a little easier.

But, I don’t have to do this one.  And I don’t have to stress or be upset about it.  I can just say no.  Lessons from 3rd grade.  Just say no.


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