I think the universe is trying to make sure that we are prepared for the bad news that we are likely to receive from today’s beta.  On the way to work this morning, my wife saw a car hydroplane across four lanes of  highway traffic, hit and fence, flip over and roll.  No one stopped, so she pulled over.  The woman driving seemed ok, but she was trapped in the car.  My wife called the ambulance and they came and took over.

Then, I got to work and one of my co-workers was found collapsed on the bathroom floor and unable to move.  She will be fine, but went to the hospital in an ambulance.  I went with her until her husband could get there.

Perhaps this is the universe’s way of saying, “Look.  I know that what you are going through sucks and is going to continue to suck.  But, your car did not flip over and you did not collapse, alone and unable to move, on the bathroom floor.  You are healthy and safe.  And today you should be grateful for that because not everyone has those things.  You’ve seen it firsthand.”

And maybe it’s all just a crazy coincidence and I attributed some larger meaning to it to help myself maintain some perspective in light of the impending likely bad news from today’s beta.


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