Who am I kidding?  I am not a reasonable person when it comes to this.  Oh yes, my logical brain is trying to talk me down – convincing me that everything could still be ok.  It’s early, I tested mid-afternoon, etc. etc.  But really, I am convinced that this cycle is a bust.  If we get a positive this cycle, I may fall over from the shock.  I’m trying not to be too sad.  I’m trying not to be too disappointed – that was the whole point of testing now rather than let myself get 3 more days invested in this before I found out.  I’ll keep testing and if something changes, I will seriously be shocked.  I was thinking back, and my blasts were actually frozen on Day 6, so 6DP 6DT = 12 DPO.  If I was going to get a positive, I have always had it by 12 DPO.  SO, this is me trying to remain calm and carry on.  Not the easiest task.  Deep breath.  Deep breath.  Deep breath.


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