Logical vs. Emotional – Let the Games Begin


At least for a few days the waiting didn’t get to me.   And, I probably would have been ok today, too, if my boobs hadn’t started hurting.  I am on exactly the same dose of estrogen and progesterone.  The only thing that has changed is the transfer.  I would assume that 2 DPT is too soon to really feel anything, so I wonder if the endometrin can build up in your system and cause progesterone related things to happen.  Of course, there’s no lupron anymore either, so that could have an impact.

This is the part where the logical brain keeps telling the emotional brain to sit down, shut up, and stop getting all worked up.  Because the logical brain knows that sore boobs means nothing.  (And actually, in my IUI cycles, sore boobs have been the clear marker of failed cycles.  With 100% reliability.)  Logical brain also knows that an FET cycle cannot be compared to an IUI cycle because they are totally different processes.  Emotional brain looks for every little sign and starts  wondering about it and trying to attribute meaning to everything.  Every  little tender boob, every little cramp, even an out of place sneeze and emotional brain is like, “Oh!  I sneezed.  I never sneeze.  I wonder if I’m pregnant!”.  And logical brain can’t handle that because none of it pans out in logical thinking.

7 Days from today we find out.  I can make it 7 days without driving myself crazy, right?


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  1. I think we’ve all had the emotional brain/logical brain conflict. What has helped me was to stay as busy as possible so I would have other things to think about besides the waiting. Good luck!

  2. I know – these 2 WWs never get easier! I’ve been working on staying busy… tomorrow should go by quickly and Tuesday is a really busy day at work, so that should be good, too. Wednesday is when things slow down some and my mind will be free to wander. I think I may POAS on Wednesday…. but we’ll see.

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