Ladies and Gentlemen


We have transfer.

I got a call from the embryologist at 9:30 AM today.  I was in the shower and missed the call so I had to call back.  And I panicked- the only reason the embryologist would be calling was if there was a problem.  They aren’t going to be calling to say, “Hey, everything looks great, see you in an hour!”

So, i called and they let me know that they thawed the first two blastocysts – one did not survive.  The other looked great – even better than they expected.  So, they thawed an additional embryo.  And it was very poor quality and only showing about 30% viable cells, which is not likely to produce a pregnancy.  Our options were to thaw the other straw  – which had our final two blastocysts – or transfer the good one and the not good one.  After a lot of stressful conversation, we decided to keep the remaining two frozen and transfer the good one and the not so good one, which shall henceforth be known as Alpha and Lessy.  (Lessy, because it has much less chance of working).

So, we get there and eventually they bring us to a back room and tell us that the embryologist will come talk to us.  30 minutes later, she comes in.  30 painful, bladder aching, minutes.  She tells us that Alpha still looks great, and that Lessy still looks, well, Lessy.  And asks again what we want to do.  So, we revisit the whole idea of thawing our others, and after consulting with the RE and the embryologist, we decide to stick to the plan – keep two frozen and transfer Alpha and Lessy.

The transfer went well, I received many kudos on how full my bladder was.

So, positive thoughts for Alpha and Lessy to get stuck in there!  My stress levels have decreased notably knowing that we had at least one good one to transfer.  Of course, I would have preferred two good ones, but we only need one to stick.  That’s my mantra until the bloodwork next Friday – we only need one.


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