I used to read Hyperbole and a Half  ALL the time.  She’s a hilarious and engaging blogger.   And then the site wasn’t updated for a while.  A LONG while. And I stopped visiting because I had read all of the old posts multiple times.  Today, on a whim, I decided to check the blog and low and behold – a new post!

I was thrilled to see it.  And as I read it, it was like she was writing from my own brain.  This post was not humorous.  This post was real – about her struggle with depression.  Of course, it was told and illustrated in her unique style with her unique flair, but it was real.  And she discussed the experience of dealing with depression in a way that was really resonant with me.   I was that little squatty stick girl in the pink dress and hoodie.  Er…I am.  I’ve never seen a more resonant post on depression and the self loathing, anger, disappointment and helplesness that all go hand in hand with it.

I’m still waiting for my breakthrough.  I’m waiting for my lady in the video store.  I don’t wish it on anyone, but it was comforting to see firsthand that the paces of depression are similar for a lot of people – it’s not just me.


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