Implantation Smoothies


Since this is the part where I obsess, I’ve decided to just embrace it instead of obsessing about not obsessing, which is just more obsessing about something I have little control over.  In the spirit of embracing my need to obsess, I’ve decided to focus the next several days on diet.

Now, I know most of these things are just wives tales, and really probably do not help anything at all.  But what they will help with is giving me a healthy place to focus my energy and attention.  They’ll make me feel like I am doing something.   And doing something is better than doing nothing.

So, I’ve decided to make implantation smoothies. I’ll have one for breakfast every morning until the day of the transfer.  I only use organic produce even when I am not TTC, so everything  use will be organic.

1 C 100% grape juice

1/5 pineapple core

1 cup spinach

1/2 cup kale

3/4 cup frozen mixed berries (for flavor)

Lots of ice

Water as needed for consistency

I’ll have my smoothie with a cup of walnuts for breakfast everyday.

I have insulin resistant PCOS, so I needed to stick with relatively low sugar fruits, no dairy and no added sweetener.  I’ll make a separate batch for my wife and son and theirs will not have pineapple core, it will have regular pineapple.   And they’ll probably get some raw honey in theirs to sweeten it up some.

We’ll see how this tastes tomorrow and possible tweak the recipe a bit.


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