Racing Stripes


This morning I had a rendezvous with my old friend, the ultrasound wand.  The lining check went well – almost 10 mm, triple stripe.  I’m pleased with that.

It makes me wonder though, what it would have been if I had actually followed my doctor’s instructions.  I was never comfortable with 2 estrogen patches every other day, which is what I was told to use.  I’ve been on estrogen patches before and 2 every other day just wasn’t enough, so we had a conversation and it wasn’t a negotiable subject.  That’s the protocol, so that’s what I was given.  I did a lot of reading and asking around and realized that many people have up to 4 patches a day.  So, I increased it myself to three patches every other day.  And when I went in, I had good results.

Now, I just have to get my acupuncture sorted out for the transfer.  Apparently the clinic’s acupuncturist is not available the day of the transfer, so I have to do it elsewhere.  Which is fine, but I really, really just loved the idea of having it done right there in the clinic.  I have to let it go though, and just not stress about it, that’s just not an option whether I like it or not.  I was getting really upset about it, as someone hopped up on hormones is wont to do, but I just have to be zen about it.


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